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Experience the rugged feel of the versatile fabric with us.

An all-natural fabric

All our Khadi products are hand spun and handwoven by rural artisans of India.

Khadi is a symbol of the Indian textile heritage

Gandhiji felt that having a Khadi spirit in us would surround us with simplicity in every walk of life. He said the Khadi spirit means infinite patience.

The Wheel and the Fabric

Khadi is a natural fibre cloth that is hand-spun and woven on the Charkha or spinning wheel. Mahatma Gandhi promoted the use of Charkha as a symbol of non-violent economic self-sufficiency.

Khadi: A symbol of simplicity and purity

This hand-spun fibre made from cotton is sustainable, environment and skin-friendly and no chemical treatment is given to this fabric. Each Khadi product is different and has a unique style and finish.

The Aesthetic

MKG Luxe uses this sacred cloth for its thoughtfully curated collection to create a magical blend of simplicity and breathability, with clean cuts and earthy tones.

Our Connection with Khadi

MKG Luxe uses this versatile fabric to handcraft durable and long lasting clothes for the modern man. We understand the purity of the fabric because “we have the khadi spirit in us”.

The MKG Luxe Vision

Our contemporary designs with the traditional Khadi spin out high-quality clothes while keeping the traditional craftsmanship alive, carrying forward the legacy envisioned by Mahatma Gandhi.

Be the Change you wish to see in the world.