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Spin and spin, after due deliberation.



A craftsman is a man who makes things skilfully with his hands and craftsmanship is the quality of something that is carefully created with hands.

From Seed to Style

Our superior, beautifully handcrafted menswear clothing is created after undergoing a long and arduous process. The journey is spectacular - from a tiny cotton
plant to luxurious, breathable apparel.

The Hand and the Handiwork

Fibers are spun into yarn using the Charkha, a hand-operated device. This is a rigorous process that gives the yarn its character.

Prepping Process

The hand looms are prepared through a warping process and made ready for the weaving process.

The Weaving

The skilful process of weaving begins at this stage. The fabric produced is unique, having
beautiful and intricate weaves.

The Colour and the Hues

To get coloured yarn, the woven fabric is sent for dyeing. Khadi mostly comes in earthy tones.

Closer to Nature

Being a natural material, Khadi has a great affinity towards natural dyes like indigo and turmeric. The yarn is dyed in the required colours.

The Finishing Process

The dyed fabric is washed, cleaned and left to dry naturally.

Sustainability Meter

Once dry, if the craftsmen find irregularities in the weaves, they mend it manually, keeping the sustainability high and wastage zero.

Khadi : The symbol of patience

The Khadi production process involves long and patient hours put in by the spinners and weavers in rural settings. The result is a fine, intricately hand-crafted versatile fabric – Khadi - which we proudly drape around the modern silhouette.

Khadi is a symbol of the Indian textile heritage, appealing to all generations.

Come embrace the Spirit of Khadi with us!